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List of SSC Reports
Total number of SSC reports listed: 667
Number Title
SSC-1Causes of Cleavage Fracture in Ship Plate04/30/1946
SSC-2Causes of Cleavage Fracture in Ship Plate Flat Plate Tests04/30/1946
SSC-3Cleavage Fracture of Ship Plates as Influenced by Size Effect03/30/1946
SSC-4Direct Explosion Test for Welded Armor and Ship Plate Prime and Welded Plate Tests01/30/1946
SSC-5Causes of Cleavage Fracture in Ship Plate09/30/1946
SSC-6Investigations of Brittle Cleavage Fracture of Welded Flat Plate By Means of a Bend Test03/10/1948
SSC-7Fatigue Tests of Ship Welds07/30/1946
SSC-8Causes of Cleavage Fracture in Ship Plate Flat Plate and Additional Tests on Large Tubes08/30/1946
SSC-9Correlation of Laboratory Tests With Full Scale Ship Plate Fracture Tests09/15/1946
SSC-10Cleavage Fracture of Ship Plates as Influenced By Size Effect09/30/1946
SSC-11Metallurgical Quality of Steels Used for Hull Construction02/25/1947
SSC-12Investigation of Means for Evaluating the Quality of Hull Plate Steel By Tests Conducted on Furnace or Ladle Samples05/28/1947
SSC-13Metallurgical Quality of Steels Used for Hull Construction05/31/1947
SSC-14Fatigue Test of Ship Welds08/30/1947
SSC-15Correlation of Laboratory Tests with Full Scale Ship Plate Fracture Tests: Slow Notch Bend Test10/15/1947
SSC-16Causes of Cleavage Fracture in Ship Plate09/30/1947
SSC-17Correlation of Laboratory Tests With Full Scale Ship Plate Fracture Tests: A Study of Strain Gradients12/30/1947
SSC-18Correlation of Laboratory Tests With Full Scale Ship Plate Fracture Tests01/30/1948
SSC-19Correlation of Laboratory Tests with Full Scale Ship Plate Fracture Tests: Analysis of True-Stress &Strain Data on Project Steel02/28/1948
SSC-20Investigation of Means for Evaluating the Quality of Hull Plate Steel by Tests Conducted on Furnace or Ladle Samples05/15/1948
SSC-2112 Inch Flat Plate Tests11/30/1948
SSC-22Correlation of Laboratory Tests with Full Scale Ship Plate Fracture Tests09/30/1948
SSC-23Evaluation of Improved Materials and Methods of Fabrication for Welded Steel Ships03/30/1948
SSC-24The Fundamental Factors Influencing the Behavior of Welded Structures Under Conditions of Multiaxial Stress, Various Temps.,08/30/1947
SSC-25Metallurgical Quality of Steels Used for Hull Construction Progress11/30/1949
SSC-26Metallurgical Quality of Steels Used for Hull Construction Final11/30/1949
SSC-27Causes of Cleavage Fracture in Ship Plate, Tests of Restrained Welded Specimens and Hatch Corner Specimens of Mild Steel12/30/1948
SSC-28Causes of Cleavage Fracture in Ship Plate High Yield Strength Structural Steel11/30/1948
SSC-29Final Report Application of the Explosion Test to Evaluate Shock Properties of High Yield Strength Steels06/30/1949
SSC-30Correlation of Laboratory Tests with Full Scale Ship Plate Fracture Tests07/30/1949
SSC-31The Effect of Cyclic Stress on the Transition Temperature of Steel03/30/1949
SSC-32Final Report on High Speed Rotating Disk Project at MIT01/30/1949
SSC-33Evaluation of Improved Materials and Methods of Fabrication for Welded Steel Ships11/15/1949
SSC-34The Fundamental Factors Influencing the Behavior of Welded Structures Under Conditions of Multiaxial Stress, Variations of Temps07/30/1949
SSC-35Aspect Ratio Program05/30/1950
SSC-36Evaluation of Improved Materials and Methods of Fabrication for Welded Steel Ships07/30/1949
SSC-37Considerations of Welded Hatch Corner Design07/18/1951
SSC-38A Study of Plastic Deformation and Fracturing by Strain Energy Distribution01/30/1949
SSC-39Welded Reinforcement of Openings in Structural Steel Members12/30/1950
SSC-40Evaluation of Improved Materials and Methods of Fabrication for Welded Steel Ships11/30/1950
SSC-41Evaluation of Improved Materials and Methods of Fabrication for Welded Steel Ships11/30/1950
SSC-42The Determination of Initial Stresses in Steel Plates09/15/1958
SSC-43Evaluation of Notch Sensitivity of Mild Steel Ship Plate12/21/1950
SSC-44The Effects of Width and Thickness on Strength, Energy Absorption / Transition Temperature of Internally Notch Flat Steel Plates12/30/1950
SSC-45Evaluation of Improved Materials and Methods of Fabrication for Welded Steel Ships01/30/1950
SSC-46Evaluation of Ship Welding Procedures By Direct Explosion Testing Covering Work Performed Under Dept of the Navy-Bureau of Ships03/30/1950
SSC-47The Strength, Energy Absorption, and Transition Temperature of Internally Notched Flat Steel Plates08/30/1950
SSC-48A Study on the Structural Action of Superstructures on Ships06/30/1950
SSC-49An Investigation of the Influence of Deoxidation and Chemical Composition on Notched-Bar Properties of Semi-Killed Ship Steel08/30/1950
SSC-50Welded Reinforcement of Openings in Structural Steel Members01/30/1950
SSC-51Cracking of Simple Structural Geometries : The Effects of Edge Notch Geometry on Flat Steel Plates01/30/1950
SSC-52The Low Temperature Properties of Relatively High Purity Iron-Carbon Alloys03/30/1950
SSC-53An Investigation on the Influence of Deoxidation and Chemical Composition on Notched-Bar Properties of Semikilled Ship Steel02/27/1950
SSC-54The Fundamental Factors Influencing the Behavior of Welded Structures under Conditions of Multiaxial Stress and Variety of Temps01/30/1950
SSC-55Welded Reinforcement of Openings In Structural Steel Members: Room and Low Temp Tests of Plates with Reinforced Openings03/30/1951
SSC-56Welded Reinforcement of Openings in Structural Steel Members02/28/1950
SSC-57Cracking of Simple Structural Geometries: Investigation of Welded Ship Details05/30/1951
SSC-58Low Temperature Embrittlement Mechanics Deduced From Zinc Single Crystal Fracture Studies04/30/1951
SSC-59Critical Stress for Slip, Twinning, and Cleavage in Single Crystals of Iron05/30/1952
SSC-60The Effect of Subcritical Heat Treatment on the Transition Temperature of a Low Carbon Ship Plate Steel08/30/1952
SSC-61The Fundamental Factors Influencing the Behavior of Welded Structures: The Effect of Subcritical Heat Treatment on Transition Te12/30/1952
SSC-62Past Structural Studies Related to the Ship and Ship Components and for Determining Loads and Strains on Ships at Sea06/30/1952
SSC-63Review of Welded Ship Failures09/30/1953
SSC-64Fundamental Factors Influencing the Behavior of Welded Structures Under Multiaxial Stress / Variations of Temperatures11/06/1953
SSC-65A Critical Survey of Brittle Failure in Carbon Plate Steel Structures Other Than Ships08/30/1953
SSC-66Critical Stresses for Slip, Twinning, and Cleavage in Single Crystals of Iron06/30/1957
SSC-67Model Tests on Hull-Deckhouse Interaction01/30/1952
SSC-68Tensile Tests of Large Specimens Representing the Intersection of a Bottom Longitudinal /Transverse Bulkhead in Welded Tankers09/30/1953
SSC-69An Evaluation of Current Knowledge of the Mechanics of Brittle Fracture12/30/1953
SSC-70A Review of Ship Steel Research and Recommendations for Future Studies03/30/1956
SSC-71The Influence of Heat Treatment on the Notched-Bar Properties of Semikilled Steel Plate03/15/1954
SSC-72The Present Status of Nondestructive Test Methods Inspection of Welded Joints in Ship Structures03/30/1956
SSC-73Influence of Composition and Deoxidation on the Properties of Ship Plate Steels11/16/1953
SSC-74Electron Microscope Techniques for Study of Fractured Surfaces of Ship Plate Steels01/23/1959
SSC-75Welded Reinforcement of Openings in Structural Steel Tension Members03/30/1959
SSC-76Investigation of Performance of Semikilled Carbon Steel ABS Class B and Rimmed Steel ABS Class A Under Direct Explosion Test05/30/1956
SSC-77Part I: Crack-Starter Tests of Ship Fracture and Project Steels11/30/1959
SSC-78Part II: Investigation of the Performance of Weldments and Prime Plate of ABS-B Steel l08/15/1956
SSC-79Cracking of Simple Structural Geometries03/30/1956
SSC-80An Interpretive Report on the Metallurgical and Economic Aspects of Ship Steels and Their Relation to Ship Failures08/15/1956
SSC-81Effect of Grain Size and Carbon Content on the Low Temperature Tensile Properties of High Purity Fe-C Alloys05/28/1954
SSC-82The Influence of Carbon and Manganese on the Properties of Semikilled Hot-Rolled Steel01/30/1954
SSC-83Reproducibility of Keyhole Charpy and Tear Test Data On Laboratory Heats of Semikilled Steel06/30/1954
SSC-84An Appraisal of the Properties and Methods of Production of Laminated or Composite Ship Steel Plate01/12/1956
SSC-86Evaluation of Weld-Joint Flaws As Initiating Points of Brittle Fracture09/04/1956
SSC-87Rapid Propagation of a Crack in a Brittle Material03/25/1955
SSC-88Influence of Silicon and Aluminum on the Properties of Hot-Rolled Steel07/01/1955
SSC-89Effect of Accelerated Cooling After Hot-Rolling On The Notched-Bar Properties of Ship Plate Steel10/30/1957
SSC-90Effects of Aluminum Additions and Variations in Finishing Temperatures on Properties Hot-Rolled Experimental Open-Hearth Steels01/30/1958
SSC-91Investigation of the Influence of Deoxidation and Chemical Composition on Notched-Bar Properties of Ship Plate Steels08/30/1958
SSC-92Low Temperature Embrittlement Mechanics Deduced from Zinc Single Crystal Fracture Studies11/10/1958
SSC-93Mechanical Properties of High Purity Fe-C Alloys At Low Temperatures03/31/1959
SSC-94Mechanical Properties of High Purity Fe-C Alloys at Low Temperature03/31/1959
SSC-95Thermal Stresses In Ships10/30/1956
SSC-96Notes on the Influence of Unfair Plating on Ship Failures By Brittle Fracture03/15/1956
SSC-97The Mechanism of Brittle Fracture03/25/1955
SSC-98Energy Release Rates During Fracturing of Perforated Plates07/30/1955
SSC-99Notch-Toughness Properties of ABS Ship Plate Steels11/30/1955
SSC-100Index of Ship Structure Committee Publications04/30/1958
SSC-101Improved Notch Toughness of Experimental Semi-Killed Steels Over One Inch In Thickness08/01/1956
SSC-102The Relation of Microstructure to the Charpy Impact and Low-Temperature Tensile Properties of Two Ship Steels06/18/1956
SSC-103The Tensile Yield Behavior of Ship Steel09/28/1956
SSC-104Development of Filmless Technique for Recording Defects in Ship Welds02/25/1957
SSC-105Weld Flaw Evaluation07/29/1958
SSC-106Mil Sampling Techniques for Quality Determination of Ship Plate Steel01/31/1958
SSC-107Evaluation of Weld-Joint Flaws as Initiating Points of Brittle Fracture08/29/1958
SSC-108Notch-Toughness Properties of Ship-Plate Steel as Evaluated by the Van Der Veen Notched Slow-Bend Test08/31/1959
SSC-109Brittle Fracture of Mild Steel in Tension at - 196 C11/05/1957
SSC-110The Investigation of Radioisotopes for the Inspection of Ship Welds02/28/1958
SSC-111Preliminary Studies of Brittle Fracture Propagation in Structural Steel05/15/1958
SSC-112Studies of Brittle Fracture Propagation in Six-Foot Wide Structural Steel Plates09/17/1959
SSC-113Fracture Appearance of Impact Specimens Taken From Fractured Ship Plates06/29/1959
SSC-114The Influence of Ferrite Banding on the Impact Properties of Mild Steel10/06/1958
SSC-115Brittle Fracture Initiation Tests10/15/1958
SSC-116Static Brittle-Fracture Initiation at Net Stress 40% of Yield12/29/1958
SSC-117Brittle-Fracture Tests of Steel Plates Containing Residual Compressive Strain07/02/1959
SSC-118Studies of the Strain Distribution in Wide Plates During Brittle Fracture Propagation12/30/1959
SSC-119A Replication Technique for the Study of Brittle Fracture of Ship Plate Steel By Electron Microscopy01/11/1960
SSC-120Where We Stand in Design With Brittle Fracture02/23/1960
SSC-121Manual of Isotope Radiography05/23/1960
SSC-122Behavior of Riveted and Welded Crack Arrestors08/31/1960
SSC-123An Interpretation of Lower Yield Point Plastic Flow In the Dynamic Testing of Mild Steel06/26/1961
SSC-124A Long-Range Research Program In Ship Structural Design11/30/1959
SSC-125Some Observations on the Brittle Fracture Problem07/31/1959
SSC-126Influence of Hot-Rolling Conditions on Brittle Fracture in Steel Plate11/10/1960
SSC-127Influence of Speed of Deformation on Strength Properties in the Post Lower Yield Stress-Strain Curve of Mild Steel12/09/1960
SSC-128Influence of Steel-Making Variables on Notch Toughness06/05/1960
SSC-129A Numerical Solution for the Transient Strain Distribution In A Rectangular Plate With A Propagating Crack09/05/1961
SSC-130Studies of Brittle-Fracture Propagation in Six-Foot-Wide Steel Plates With A Residual Strain Field04/03/1961
SSC-131Brittle-Fracture Propagation in Wide Steel Plates10/03/1961
SSC-132The Feasibility of X-Ray Inspection of Welds Using Back Scattered Radiation07/28/1961
SSC-133Effect of Substructure on Cleavage in Iron Crystals01/29/1962
SSC-135Size Effect in Brittle Fracture of Notched Steel Plates in Tension11/24/1961
SSC-136On Various Problems of Immediate Interest to a Ship Classification Man08/01/1961
SSC-137Low-Cycle Fatigue of Metals - Literature Review10/31/1961
SSC-138The Influence of Mechanical Fibering on Brittle Fracture in Hot-Rolled Steel Plate12/01/1961
SSC-139On Effects of Carbon and Manganese Content and of Grain Size on Dynamic Strength Properties of Mild Steel12/27/1961
SSC-140A Naval Architect's Reflections on Some Research Problems With Ship Steel08/04/1961
SSC-141Mill Sampling Techniques for Quality Determination of Ship Steel Plate02/28/1962
SSC-142Investigation of the Notch-Toughness Properties of ABS Ship Plate Steels10/01/1962
SSC-143Crack Propagation in Low-Cycle Fatigue of Mild Steel05/01/1963
SSC-144Mechanical Properties of High-Manganese Semikilled Steel Plate01/02/1963
SSC-145The Effect of Metallurgical Variables in Ship-Plate Steels on the Transition Temperatures in the Drop-Weight and Charpy V-Notch12/03/1962
SSC-147A Study of Brittle Fracture Initiation in Mild Steel07/15/1963
SSC-148Brittle Fracture Propagation Studies08/20/1963
SSC-149Summary of Some Studies of Brittle-Fracture Propagation09/04/1963
SSC-150An Unmanned System for Recording Stresses and Accelerations on Ships at Sea06/03/1963
SSC-151Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Axially Loaded Specimens of Mild Steel06/24/1963
SSC-152Temperature Distribution and Thermal Stresses06/30/1964
SSC-153Preliminary Analysis of Bending-Moment Data from Ships at Sea12/27/1963
SSC-154Columbium as a Micro-Alloying Element in Steels and its Effect on Welding Technology08/30/1963
SSC-155An Investigation of Midship Bending Moments Experienced in Extreme Regular Waves by Models of the Mariner Type and Three Variant01/15/1964
SSC-156An Investigation of Midship Bending Moments Experienced in Extreme Regular Waves By Models of a Tanker and a Destroyer02/03/1964
SSC-157Summary of Investigation of Midship Bending Moments Experienced by Models in Extreme Regular Waves12/18/1963
SSC-158Low-Stress Brittle Fracture in Mild Steel08/30/1963
SSC-159Acquisition and Analysis of Acceleration Data02/17/1964
SSC-160Geometric Effects of Plate Thickness02/07/1964
SSC-161Micromechanisms of Cleavage Fracture in Polycrystalline Iron05/30/1964
SSC-162Exhaustion of Ductility and Brittle Fracture of E-Steel Caused By Prestrain and Aging07/30/1964
SSC-163Investigation of Bending Moments Within the Midship Half Length of a Mariner Model in Extreme Waves06/30/1964
SSC-164Results from Full-Scale Measurements of Midship Bending Stresses on Two C4-S-B5 Dry-Cargo Ships Operating in North Atlantic09/30/1964
SSC-165Local Yielding and Extension of a Crack Under Plane Stress12/30/1964
SSC-166Reversed - Bend Tests of ABS-C Steel With As-Rolled and Machined Surfaces04/30/1965
SSC-167Restoration of Ductility of Hot or Cold Strained ABS-B Steel by Heat Treatment at 700 to 1150 F04/30/1965
SSC-168Rolling History in Relation to the Toughness of Ship Plate05/30/1965
SSC-169Interpretative Report on Weld-Metal Toughness07/30/1965
SSC-170Studies of Some Brittle Fracture Concepts09/30/1965
SSC-171Micro- and Macro Crack Formation10/30/1965
SSC-172Crack Extension and Propagation Under Plane Stress03/30/1966
SSC-173Exhaustion of Ductility Under Notch Constraint Following Uniform Prestraining08/30/1966
SSC-174Investigation of Residual Stresses in Steel Weldments09/30/1966
SSC-175Mechanical Properties of a High-Manganese, Low-Carbon Steel for Welded Heavy-Section Ship Plate08/30/1966
SSC-176Biennial Report of the Ship Structure Committee06/01/1966
SSC-177Guide for Interpretation of Non-Destructive Tests of Welds in Ship Hull Structures09/30/1966
SSC-178A Survey of Some Recent British Work on the Behavior of Warship Structures11/30/1966
SSC-179Residual Strains and Displacements Within the Plastic Zone Ahead of a Crack11/30/1966
SSC-180Experimental Determination of Plastic Constraint Ahead of a Sharp Crack Under Plane-Strain Conditions12/30/1966
SSC-181Results from Full-Scale Measurements of Midship Bending Stresses on two Dry-Cargo Ships - Report #203/30/1967
SSC-182Twenty Years of Research Under the Ship Structure Committee12/30/1967
SSC-183Metallurgical Structure and the Brittle Behavior of Steel05/30/1968
SSC-184Exhaustion of Ductility in Compressed Bars with Holes06/30/1968
SSC-185Effect of Surface Condition on the Exhaustion of Ductility by Cold or Hot Straining07/30/1968
SSC-186The Effect of Ship Stiffness Upon the Structural Response of a Cargo Ship to an Impulsive Load09/30/1968
SSC-187Biennial Report of the Ship Structure Committee06/30/1968
SSC-188Effect of Repeated Loads on the Low Temperature Fracture Behavior of Notched and Welded Plates10/30/1968
SSC-189The Video Tape Recording of Ultrasonic Test Information10/30/1968
SSC-190Bending Moment Distribution in a Mariner Cargo Ship Model in Regular and Irregular Waves of Extreme Steepness11/30/1968
SSC-191Plastic Flow in the Locale on Notches and Cracks in Fe-3Si Steel Under Conditions Approaching Plane Strain01/30/1970
SSC-192Notch Brittleness After Prestraining01/30/1969
SSC-193Development of Mathematical Models for Describing Ship Structural Response in Waves01/30/1969
SSC-194Feasibility Study of Model Tests on Ship Hull Girders05/30/1969
SSC-195Recommended Emergency Welding Procedure for Temporary Repairs05/30/1969
SSC-196Analysis and Interpretation of Full-Scale Data on Midship Bending Stresses of Dry Cargo Ships06/30/1969
SSC-197An Investigation of the Utility of Computer Simulation to Predict Ship Structural Response in Waves06/30/1969
SSC-198Flame Straightening and Its Effect on Base Metal Properties08/30/1969
SSC-199Study of the Factors Which Affect the Adequacy of High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel Weldments for Cargo Ship Hulls08/30/1969
SSC-200Index of Ship Structure Committee Publications01/30/1969
SSC-201Midship Wave Bending Moments in a Model of the Cargo Ship "Wolverine State" Running at Oblique Headings in Regular Waves09/30/1969
SSC-202Midship Wave Bending Moments in a Model of the Mariner-Class Cargo Ship "California Bear" Running at Oblique Headings in Waves11/30/1969
SSC-203Annual Report to the Ship Structure Committee 7/1/68 - 6/30/6911/30/1969
SSC-204Simulated Performance Testing for Ship Structure Components09/30/1970
SSC-205Structural Design Review of Long, Cylindrical, Liquid-Filled Independent Cargo Tank-Barges03/30/1970
SSC-206Permissible Stresses and Their Limitations09/30/1970
SSC-207Effect of Flame and Mechanical Straightening on Material Properties of Weldments09/30/1970
SSC-208Slamming of Ships: A Critical Review of the Current State of Knowledge03/30/1970
SSC-209Results From Full-Scale Measurements of Midship Bending Stresses on Three Dry Cargo Ships07/30/1970
SSC-210Analysis of Slamming Data from the S.S. Wolverine States06/30/1970
SSC-211Design and Installation of a Ship Response Instrumentation System Aboard the Container Vessel S.S. Boston12/13/1968
SSC-212Ship Response Results from the First Operational Season Aboard the Container Vessel S.S. Boston05/30/1970
SSC-213A Guide for Ultrasonic Testing and Evaluation of Weld Flaws04/30/1970
SSC-214Ship Response Instrumentation Aboard the S.S. Boston: Results from Two Operational Seasons in North Atlantic Service03/30/1970
SSC-215A Guide for the Synthesis of Ship Structures Part One The Midship Hold of a Transversely-Framed Dry Cargo Ship02/28/1970
SSC-216Program "Tranship" A Computer Program for the Design of the Midship Section of a Transversely-Framed Dry Cargo Ship Part Two01/30/1971
SSC-217Compressive Strength of Ship Hull Girders Part I Unstiffened Plates01/30/1970
SSC-218Design Considerations for Aluminum Hull Structures Study of Aluminum Bulk Carrier01/30/1971
SSC-219Crack Propagation and Arrest In Ship and Other Steels01/30/1971
SSC-220A Limited Survey of Ship Structural Damage03/30/1971
SSC-221Response of the Delta Test to Specimen Variables03/30/1971
SSC-222Catamarans-Technological Limits to Size and Appraisal of Structural Design Information and Procedures03/30/1971
SSC-223Compressive Strength of Ship Hull Girders Part II Stiffened Plates05/30/1971
SSC-224Feasibility Study of Glass Reinforced Plastic Cargo Ship03/30/1971
SSC-225Structural Analysis of Longitudinally Framed Ships01/30/1972
SSC-226Tanker Longitudinal Strength Analysis User's Manual and Computer Program01/30/1972
SSC-227Tanker Transverse Strength Analysis User's Manual03/30/1972
SSC-228Tanker Transverse Strength Analysis Programmer's Manual03/30/1972
SSC-229Evaluation and Verification of Computer Calculations of Wave-Induced Ship Structural Loads06/30/1972
SSC-230Program Scores - Ship Structural Response in Waves08/30/1972
SSC-231Further Studies of Computer Simulation of Slamming and Other Wave-Induced Vibratory Structural Loadings on Ships in Waves09/30/1972
SSC-232Study of the Factors Which Affect the Adequacy of High-Strength, Low-Alloy Steel Weldments for Cargo Ship Hulls09/30/1972
SSC-233Correlation of Model and Full-Scale Results in Predicting Wave Bending Moment Trends10/30/1972
SSC-234Evaluation of Methods for Extrapolation of Ship Bending Stress Data10/30/1972
SSC-235Effect of Temperature and Strain Upon Ship Steels01/30/1973
SSC-236A Method for Digitizing, Preparing and Using Library Tapes of Ship Stress and Environment Data04/30/1973
SSC-237Computer Programs for the Digitizing and Using of Library Tapes of Ship Stress and Environment Data03/30/1973
SSC-238Design and Installation of a Ship Response Instrumentation System Aboard the SL-7 Class Containership S.S. Sea-Land McLean07/30/1973
SSC-239Wave Loads in a Model of the SL-7 Containership Running at Oblique Headings in Regular Waves09/30/1973
SSC-240Load Criteria for Ship Structural Design04/30/1973
SSC-241Thermoelastic Model Studies of Cryogenic Tanker Structures10/30/1973
SSC-242Fast Fracture Resistance and Crack Arrest in Structural Steels12/30/1973
SSC-243Structural Analysis of SL-7 Containership Under Combined Loading of Vertical, Lateral and Torsional Moments Using Finite Element01/30/1974
SSC-244Fracture-Control Guidelines for Welded Steel Ship Hulls03/30/1974
SSC-245Interpretation of Nondestructive Tests of Ordinary, Medium, & High Strength, Low-Alloy Steel Weldments in Hull Structures01/30/1977
SSC-246Theoretical Estimates of Wave Loads on the SL-7 Container Ship in Regular and Irregular Seas03/30/1974
SSC-247Flame Straightening Quenched-And-Tempered Steels in Ship Construction12/30/1973
SSC-248Fracture Toughness Characterization of Shipbuilding Steels06/30/1974
SSC-249Ship Vibration Prediction Methods and Evaluation of Influence of Hull Stiffness Variation on Vibratory Response08/30/1974
SSC-250Bibliography for Ship-Vibration Prediction Methods and Evaluation of Influence of Hull-Stiffness Variation on Vibratory Response07/30/1974
SSC-251A Study of Subcritical Crack Growth in Ship Steels01/30/1975
SSC-1975symp01Third Decade of Research Under the Ship Structure Committee02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp02Today's Navy - Echoes of the Past - Sounds of the Future02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp03Structural Considerations in the Design of the POLAR Class of Coast Guard Icebreakers02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp04Classification Society Experiences in Today's Ships02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp05Instrumentation - The Only Way02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp06Unusual Hull Design Requirements, Construction and Operating Experience of the SEABEE Barge Carriers02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp07Yesterday's Technology - Today's Ships - Some Tanker Experience02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp08Structural Design Criteria for the Safe and Economical Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp09The Long Ships into the Seventies02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp10Developments in Technology as Applied to River Equipment02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp11Structural Developments: Inland Waterway Towboats and Barges02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp12Observation of Ship Damage Over the Past Quarter Century02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp13Dynamic Loadings Due to Waves and Ship Motions02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp14Structural Response and Computer-Aided Design Procedures02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp15An Assessment of Current Shipboard Vibration Technology02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp16Fracture Mechanics, Fracture Criteria and Fracture Control for Welded Steel Ship Hulls02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp17Projected Ship Types to the Year 200002/15/1976
SSC-1975symp18An Overview of Structural Integrity Technology02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp19Fundamental Considerations of Fatigue, Stress-Corrosion Cracking and Fracture in Advanced Ship Structures02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp20Analysis and Design Requirements02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp21Experimental Methods in Ship Structural Evaluation02/15/1976
SSC-1975symp22Joining Technology and Quality Control02/15/1976
SSC-252Third Decade of Research Under the Ship Structure Committee01/30/1976
SSC-257SL-7 Instrumentation Program Background and Research Plan03/30/1976
SSC-258A Study to Obtain Verification of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Tank Loading Criteria05/30/1976
SSC-259Verification of the Rigid Vinyl Modeling Technique: The SL-7 Structure01/30/1976
SSC-260A Survey of Fastening Techniques for Shipbuilding03/30/1976
SSC-261Preventing Delayed Cracks in Ship Welds07/30/1976
SSC-262Preventing Delayed Cracks in Ship Welds Part II08/30/1976
SSC-263Static Structural Calibration of Ship Response Instrumentation System Aboard the Sea-Land McLean08/30/1976
SSC-264First Season Results from Ship Response Instrumentation Aboard the SL-7 Class Containership S.S. Sea-Land McLean08/30/1976
SSC-265A Study of Ship Hull Crack Arrester Systems03/30/1976
SSC-266Review of Ship Structural Details01/30/1977
SSC-267Comprehensive Strength of Ship Hull Girders Part III Theory and Additional Experiments01/30/1977
SSC-268Environmental Wave Data For Determining Hull Structural Loadings03/30/1977
SSC-269Structural Tests of SL-7 Ship Model03/30/1977
SSC-270Gross Panel Strength Under Combined Loading04/30/1977
SSC-271A Correlation Study of SL-7 Containership Loads and Motions - Model Tests and Computer Simulation05/30/1977
SSC-272In-Service Performance of Structural Details01/30/1978
SSC-273Survey of Structural Tolerances in the United States Commercial Shipbuilding Industry01/30/1978
SSC-274Development of an Instrumentation Package to Record Full-Scale Ship Slam Data05/30/1978
SSC-275The Effect of Strain Rate on the Toughness of Ship Steels07/30/1978
SSC-276Fracture Behavior Characterization of Ship Steels and Weldments08/30/1978
SSC-277Original Radar and Standard Tucker Wavemeter SL-7 Containership Data Reduction and Correlation Sample09/30/1978
SSC-278Wavemeter Data Reduction Method and Initial Data for the SL-7 Containership09/30/1978
SSC-279Modified Radar and Standard Tucker Wavemeter SL-7 Containership Data09/30/1978
SSC-280Results and Evaluation of the SL-7 Containership Radar and Tucker Wavemeter Data03/30/1978
SSC-281Bibliography For the Study of Propeller-Induced Vibration in Hull Structural Elements08/30/1978
SSC-282Comparison of Stresses Calculated Using the DAISY System to Those Measured on the SL-7 Containership Program01/30/1979
SSC-283A Literature Survey on the Collision and Grounding Protection of Ships08/30/1978
SSC-284Critical Evaluation of Low-Energy Ship Collision Damage Theories and Design Methodologies Vol. I07/30/1978
SSC-285Critical Evaluation of Low-Energy Collision Damage Theories and Design Methodologies Vol. II07/30/1978
SSC-286Results of the First Five "Data Years" of Extreme Stress Scratch Gauge Data Collected Aboard SeaLand's SL-7's03/30/1979
SSC-1978symp01State of the Art for Shipboard Vibration and Noise Control12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp02Vibration from a Ship Owner's Standpoint12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp03The Considerations of Vibrations and Noise at the Preliminary and Contract Levels of Ship Design12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp04Vibration from a Shipbuilder's Point of View12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp05Noise and Vibration as Viewed by a Maritime Union12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp06Cost Considerations in Ship Vibration and Noise Problems12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp07Approaches to Noise Exposure12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp08Some Hydrodynamic Considerations of Propeller Induced Ship Vibrations12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp09Calculation and Comparison of Propeller Unsteady Pressure Forces on Ships12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp10Interaction and Compatibility Between Machinery and Hull from a Static and Vibratory Point of View12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp11Computer Techniques for Use in Ship Hull Vibration Analysis and Design12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp12Propeller and Wave-Induced Hull Structure Vibrations12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp13Dynamic Analysis of the Afterbody of a Ship-Towards a Successful Correlation Between Analytical and Experimental Results12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp14Noise Prediction and Prevention in Ships12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp15OSHA Noise Levels and the Marine Industry12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp16Vibration Signature Analysis as a Preventive Maintenance Tool Aboard Ship12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp17Systematic Experiments to Determine the Influence of Skew and Rake on Hull Vibratory Excitation Due to Transient Cavitation12/15/1978
SSC-1978symp18Highly Skewed Propellers - Full Scale Vibration Test Results and Economic Considerations12/15/1978
SSC-287Examination of Service and Stress Data of Three Ships for Development of Hull Girder Load Criteria04/30/1979
SSC-288The Effects of Varying Ship Hull Proportions and Hull Materials on Hull Flexibility, Bending and Vibratory Stresses04/30/1979
SSC-289A Method for Economic Trade-Offs of Alternate Ship Structural Materials09/30/1979
SSC-290Significance and Control of Lamellar Tearing Of Steel Plate in The Shipbuilding Industry05/30/1979
SSC-291A Design Procedure for Minimizing Propeller-Induced Vibration in Hull Structural Elements09/30/1979
SSC-292Report on Ship Vibration Symposium '7809/30/1979
SSC-293Underwater Nondestructive Testing of Ship Hull Welds09/30/1979
SSC-294Further Survey of In-Service Performance of Structural Details05/30/1979
SSC-295Nondestructive Inspection of Longitudinal Stiffener Butt Welds in Commercial Vessels02/28/1980
SSC-296Review of Fillet Weld Strength Parameters for Shipbuilding02/28/1980
SSC-297Evaluation of Liquid Dynamic Loads in Slack LNG Cargo Tanks05/30/1980
SSC-298Investigation of Steels for Improved Weldability in Ship Construction Phase I05/30/1980
SSC-299Ultimate Strength of a Ship's Hull Girder Plastic and Buckling Modes06/30/1980
SSC-300Summary of Nondestructive Inspection Standards for Heavy Section Castings, Forgings, and Weldments12/30/1980
SSC-301Probabilistic Structural Analysis of Ship Hull Longitudinal Strength12/30/1980
SSC-302Computer-Aided Preliminary Ship Structural Design02/27/1981
SSC-303Fatigue and Fracture Toughness Characterization of SAW and SMA A537 Class I Ship Steel Weldements12/30/1981
SSC-304SL-7 Extreme Stress Data Collection and Reduction06/01/1981
SSC-305Investigation of Steels for Improved Weldability In Ship Construction - Phase II09/30/1981
SSC-306Experimental Program for the Determination of Hull Structural Damping Coefficients09/30/1981
SSC-307Evaluation of Fracture Criteria for Ship Steels and Weldments02/28/1981
SSC-308Criteria for Hull-Machinery Rigidity Compatibility05/30/1981
SSC-309A Rational Basis for the Selection of Ice Strengthening Criteria for Ships Vol. 102/15/1981
SSC-310A Rational Basis for the Selection of Ice Strengthening Criteria for Ships Vol. 2 Appendices07/11/1980
SSC-311Evaluation of SL-7 Scratch Gauge Data08/30/1981
SSC-312Investigation of Internal Corrosion and Corrosion-Control Alternatives in Commercial Tankships07/30/1981
SSC-313SL-7 Research Program Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations08/30/1981
SSC-1981symp01Extreme Loads in Navy Ship Design02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp02The Consequences of Extreme Loadings on Ship Structures02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp03Principles of Extreme Value Statistics and Their Application02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp04Predicting Hull Bending Moments for Design02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp05Combining Extreme Environmental Loads for Reliability -Based Designs02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp06Progress in the Development of Structural Load Criteria for Extreme Waves02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp07Fatigue Analysis Method for LNG Membrane Tank Details02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp08Structural Failure of a Small Cargo Vessel Among Rough Seas02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp09Overall Structural Response of a Ship Struck in a Collision02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp10Grounding of a Membrane Tanker: Correlation Between Damage Predictions and Observations02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp11Evaluation of Ultimate Ship Hull Strength02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp12Strength of Ship Hull Girders Under Moment, Shear and Torque02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp13Selection of Structural Materials for Extreme Loads Environments02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp14Fracture Characteristics of Ship Steels Under Extremely High Loading Rates02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp15Some Extreme Effects of Residual Stresses in Shipbuilding02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp16Offshore Structures-Implementations of Reliability02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp17Semi-Probabilistic Approach to the Design of Marine Structures02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp18Fatigue Criteria for Ship Structure Details02/15/1982
SSC-1981symp19Application of Loading Predictions to Ship Structure Design: A Comparative Analysis of Methods02/15/1982
SSC-314Pressure Distribution on Models of the SL-7 Containership and S.J. Cort in Waves01/30/1982
SSC-315Fatigue Considerations in View of Measured Load Spectra01/30/1982
SSC-316Ship Structure Committee Long-Range Research Plan-Guidelines for Program Development09/30/1982
SSC-317Determination of Strain Rates in Ship Hull Structures: A Feasibility Study09/30/1982
SSC-318Fatigue Characterization of Fabricated Ship Details for Design08/30/1982
SSC-319Development of a Plan to Obtain In-Service Still Water Bending Moment Information for Statistical Characterization10/30/1982
SSC-320A Study of Extreme Waves and Their Effects on Ship Structure12/30/1983
SSC-321Survey of Experience Using Reinforced Concrete In Floating Marine Structures12/30/1983
SSC-322Analysis and Assessment of Major Uncertainties Associated with Ship Hull Ultimate Failure06/30/1983
SSC-323Updating of Fillet Weld Strength Parameters for Commercial Shipbuilding04/30/1983
SSC-324Analytical Techniques for Prediction Grounded Ship Responses09/30/1983
SSC-325Correlation of Theoretical and Measured Hydrodynamic Pressures for the SL-7 Containership and the S.J. Cort (Bulk Carrier)09/30/1983
SSC-326Long-Term Corrosion Fatigue of Welded Marine Steels09/30/1984
SSC-327Investigation of Steels for Improved Weldability in Ship Construction05/30/1984
SSC-328Fracture Control for Fixed Offshore Structures12/30/1984
SSC-329Ice Loads and Ship Response to Ice12/30/1984
SSC-330Practical Guide for Shipboard Vibration Control and Attenuation03/30/1984
SSC-1984symp01A Review of Ship Structure Committee Activities from 1975-198402/10/1985
SSC-1984symp02A Time Domain Simulation Method for Ship Motion and Load Prediction02/10/1985
SSC-331Design Guide for Ship Structural Details07/30/1985
SSC-332Guide for Ship Structural Inspection12/30/1985
SSC-333A Time Domain Simulation Method for Ship Motion and Load Prediction02/28/1985
SSC-334Study to Determine the Influence of Weld Porosity on the Integrity of Marine Structures02/28/1989
SSC-335Performance of Underwater Weldments09/30/1986
SSC-336Liquid Sloshing in Cargo Tanks11/30/1986
SSC-337-IShip Fracture Mechanism - A Non-Expert's Guide for Inspecting and Determining the Causes of Significant Ship Fractures09/30/1987
SSC-337-IIShip Fracture Mechanisms Investigation09/30/1987
SSC-338Fatigue Prediction Analysis Validation From SL-7 Hatch Corner Strain Data12/30/1985
SSC-339Ice Loads and Ship Response to Ice - A Second Season08/30/1990
SSC-340Ice Loads and Ship Response to Ice - Consolidation Report09/30/1990
SSC-341Global Ice Forces and Ship Response to Ice08/30/1990
SSC-342Global Ice Forces and Ship Response to Ice - Analysis of Ice Ramming Forces08/30/1990
SSC-343Global Ice Forces and Ship Response to Ice - A Second Season08/30/1990
SSC-344Development of an Onboard Strain Recorder10/30/1987
SSC-345-IElastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics - Marine Structural Applications04/30/1990
SSC-345-IIElastic - Plastic Fracture Mechanics Marine Structural Applications04/30/1990
SSC-346Fatigue Characterization of Fabricated Ship Details for Design Phase II05/30/1988
SSC-347Strategies for Nonlinear Analysis of Marine Structures08/30/1988
SSC-348Corrosion Experience Data Requirements12/30/1988
SSC-349Development of a Generalized Onboard Response Monitoring System05/30/1987
SSC-350Ship Vibration Design Guide07/30/1989
SSC-351An Introduction to Structural Reliability Theory01/30/1989
SSC-352-IMarine Structural Steel Toughness Data Bank Vol. 108/31/1990
SSC-352-IIMarine Structural Steel Toughness Databank (Volume 2)08/31/1990
SSC-352-IIIMarine Structural Steel Toughness Databank (Volume 3)08/31/1990
SSC-352-IVMarine Structural Steel Toughness Databank (Volume 4)08/31/1990
SSC-352_VMarine Structural Steel Toughness Databank (Abridged)08/31/1990
SSC-353Analysis of Wave Characteristics in Extreme Seas08/30/1989
SSC-354Structural Redundancy for Continuous and Discrete Systems12/30/1991
SSC-355Relation of Inspection Findings to Fatigue Reliability11/30/1989
SSC-356Fatigue Performance Under Multi-Axial Loading In Marine Structures01/30/1990
SSC-357Carbon Equivalence and Weldability of Microalloyed Steels10/25/1989
SSC-358Influence of Prior Damage by Cyclic Loading Below the Yield Strength on Ship Steels in Marine Environments08/30/1987
SSC-359Hydrodynamic Hull Damping (Phase I)06/30/1987
SSC-1987symp01Lessons Learnt from Structural Reliability Research and Applications in Marine Structures02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp02Application of Reliability to Formulation of Fixed Offshore Design Codes02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp03Considerations of Probability-Based Fatigue Design for Marine Structures02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp04Probabilistic Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis of Offshore Structures with Reliability Updating Through Inspection02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp05AIM (Assessment, Inspection, Maintenance) and Reliability of Offshore Platforms02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp06Reliability and Durability Analysis of Marine Structures02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp07Calibration of Technical Standards for Marine Structures02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp08A Reliability-Conditioned Approach for the Fatigue Design of Marine Structures02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp09A Markovian Approach to Compliant Offshore Platforms02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp10On the Determination of Design Wave Height02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp11Methodologies for the Selection of Safety Factors and Safety Levels in the Design of Marine Structures02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp12Reliability Analysis of Offshore Structures02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp13Extreme Value Distributions of Wave Loads and Their Application to Marine Structures02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp14Structural Safety Evaluation of Steel Jacket Platforms02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp15Reliability of Plates Under Combined Loading02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp16A Structural System Reliability Care Study of an Eight-leg Steel Jacket Offshore Production Platform02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp17Application of Reliability Assessment Methods to Marine Frame Structures Based on Ultimate Strength Analysis02/10/1988
SSC-1987symp18System Reliability of Offshore Jacket Structures by Ideal Plastic Analysis02/10/1988
SSC-360Marine Composites - Investigation of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics in Marine Structures06/30/1990
SSC-361Hull Strapping of Ships10/30/1990
SSC-362Shipboard Wave Height Sensor11/30/1990
SSC-363Uncertainties in Stress Analyses on Marine Structures04/30/1991
SSC-364Inelastic Deformation of Plate Panels01/30/1991
SSC-365Marine Structural Integrity Programs (MSIP)10/30/1991
SSC-1991symp01The Underwriter's Perspective12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp02Viewpoint of the Classification Societies12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp03Inspection Methods and Equipment12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp04The Owners and Operators Perspective on Inspection and Maintenance12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp06Structural Maintenance for New and Existing Ships: Overview, Fatigue Cracking and Repairs12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp07A Survey of Some Important Research Areas Related to Marine Maintenance12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp08The Fatigue Fracture Reliability and Maintainability Process and its Application to Marine Structures12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp09Fatigue Reliability Model for Inspection, Updating and Repair of Welded Geometries12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp10Probability Based Cost Benefit Analysis of Fatigue Design, Inspection and Maintenance12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp11Hull Strapping of Ships12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp12Inspection and Structural Maintenance of Chevron's Tanker Feet12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp13Some Considerations Regarding Tank Inspection Priorities for Oil Tankers12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp15Uncertainties in Stress Analysis of Marine Structures12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp16Ultimate Hull Girder Strength Margins in Present Class Requirements12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp17Ship Longitudinal Strength Modeling for Reliability Analysis12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp18Regulating Marine Safety in the Arctic12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp19Operational Response Monitoring for Ships and the Offshore12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp20The Structural Renovation of a Liquefied Gas Carrier12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp21The Evolution of Inspection and Repair Procedures for Ship Structures12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp22Fitness for Purpose Using ACFM for Crack Detection and Sizing and FACTS/FADS for Analysis12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp23CATSIR Computer Aided Tanker Structures Inspection and Repair Planning12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp24An Empirical Study of an Inspection Method for Securing High Reliability of Independent Prismatic Tank Type B12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp25Planning of Inspection and Repair for Ship Operation12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp26Report on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Service Tanker Structural Failure Study12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp27A Study on Hull Structures for Ageing Ships12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp28Future Class Requirements and Support Services for Inspection and Maintenance12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp29Consideration of Global Climatology and Loading Characteristics In Fatigue Damage Assessment of Ship Structures12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp30Comparative Fatigue Behavior of Structural Details of VLCCs12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp31Breaking with Tradition Safety and the Survival of the US Maritime Industry12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp32Corrosion and Safety of a Ship: Survey Report of a Long-Life Ship12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp33Parametric Evaluation of Marine Structural Life Expectancy Using a Reliability-Based Methodology12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp34Requalification and IMR Program for the Belayim Field12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp35A Graphical Database for Hull Fracture Reports12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp36Structural Integrity Monitoring and Damage Detection by Using Pattern Recognition and Expert Systems12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp37Ultimate Longitudinal Strength Analysis of a Double Skin Tanker by Idealized Structural Unit Method12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp38A Probabilistic Approach for Determining the Effect of Corrosion on the Life Expectancy of Marine Structures12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp39Cost/Benefit-Based Inspections: The Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Process for Fixed Offshore Structures12/10/1991
SSC-1991symp40Marine Structural Safety and Economy12/10/1991
SSC-366Threshold Corrosion Fatigue of Welded Shipbuilding Steels01/30/1992
SSC-367Fatigue Design Procedures06/30/1992
SSC-368Probability-Based Ship Design (Phase I) A Demonstration09/30/1992
SSC-369Reduction of S-N Curves for Ship Structural Details09/30/1992
SSC-370Underwater Repair Procedures for Ship Hulls (Fatigue and Ductility of Underwater Wet Welds)05/30/1993
SSC-371Establishment of a Uniform Format for Data Reporting of Structural Material Properties for Reliability Analysis06/30/1993
SSC-372Maintenance of Marine Structures; A State of the Art Summary05/30/1993
SSC-373Probability-Based Ship Design Loads and Load Combinations11/30/1993
SSC-1993symp01Hydrodynamic Loads Prediction (including Slamming) and Relation to Structural Reliability02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp02Time Variant Reliability Analysis of a Mobile Offshore Unit02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp03Recent Studies on the Response of Structures Subjected to Large Impact Loads02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp04Rationally-Based Fatigue Design of Tankers02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp05Fracture Mechanics Methodology for Fracture Control in Oil Tankers02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp06Marine Structural Integrity Programs02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp07A Methodology for Reliability Assessment of Ship Structures02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp08Underwater Inspection Reliability for Offshore Structures02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp09A Finite Element Assessment of the Buckling Strength Equations of Stiffened Plates02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp10Practical Application of a New Advanced Dynamic Based Hull Structural Strength Design and Evaluation Criteria02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp11Improving the Management of Human and Organization Errors (HOE) in Tanker Operations02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp12Applications of Spectral Fatigue Analysis to the ARCO 190 Mdwt Tankers02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp13Fatigue Endurance of Welded Joints, Residual Stresses and Fatigue Improvement Treatments02/01/1994
SSC-1993symp14Innovative Technologies for Coast Guard Marine Inspectors02/01/1994
SSC-374Effect of High Strength Steels on Strength Considerations of Design and Construction Details of Ships03/30/1994
SSC-375Uncertainty in Strength Models for Marine Structures07/24/1994
SSC-376Ice Load Impact Study on the National Science Foundation's Research Vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer05/30/1995
SSC-377Hull Structural Concepts for Improved Producibility - Tankers12/15/1994
SSC-378The Role of Human Error in Design, Construction, and Reliability of Marine Structures10/30/1994
SSC-379Improved Ship Hull Structural Details Relative to Fatigue09/06/1994
SSC-380Ship Structural Integrity Information System09/30/1994
SSC-381Residual Strength of Damaged Marine Structures09/30/1994
SSC-382Re-Examination of Design Criteria for Stiffened Plate Panels06/30/1994
SSC-383Optimum Weld-Metal Strength for High-Strength Steel Structures07/30/1995
SSC-384Post-Yield Buckling of Icebreaking Ship Structural Members02/28/1994
SSC-385-IHydrodynamic Impact Loading on Displacement Ship Hulls04/15/1995
SSC-385-IIHydrodynamic Impact on Displacement Ship Hulls - Bibliography01/02/1996
SSC-386-IStructural Maintenance Project Vol.1 Fatigue Damage Evaluation10/27/1995
SSC-386-IIStructural Maintenance Project Vol. 2 Corrosion Damage Evaluation12/30/1993
SSC-386-IIIStructural Maintenance Project Volume 3 RMS Repair Management System09/30/1992
SSC-386-IVDesign and Maintenance Procedures & Advancements in Tankship Internal Structural Inspections Techniques09/30/1992
SSC-387Guidelines for Evaluation of Ship Structural Finite Element Analysis12/30/1995
SSC-388Ship Structural Integrity Information System (SSIIS) Phase II10/30/1995
SSC-389Inspection of Marine Structures02/28/1996
PFSS-95Symposium and Workshop on the Prevention of Fracture in Ship Structure02/27/1997
SSC-390Corrosion Control of Inter-Hull Spaces01/30/1996
SSC-391Evaluation of Marine Structures Education in North America06/21/1996
SSC-392Probability Based Ship Design: Implementation of Design Guidelines10/21/1996
SSC-1996symp01Introducing Human Factors Into the Marine Safety Environment01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp02Prevention Through People: A Strategy for Improving Safety into the Twenty-First Century01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp03Consideration of Human Organizational Factors in Development of Design, Construction, Maintenance Guidelines for Ship Structure01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp05The International Safety Management (ISM) Code, Is It Just A License to Trade01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp06Implementation of the ISM Code in a Government - Canada01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp07Risk Analysis in Marine Structures01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp08A Decision Analysis Framework for Assessing Human Organizational Error in the Marine Industry01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp09Structural Design for Production: A Human Factors Viewpoint01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp10Factors Affecting Marine Inspection Performance01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp11Addressing Human Factors in Bulk Carrier Inspections and Repair01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp12An Approach to Improving Human Factors in Marine Maintenance01/20/2007
SSC-1996symp13Shiphandling in Storm Conditions01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp14Assuring Quality and Reliability of Ship Structures Finite Element Analysis01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp15Application of Human Factors Engineering Techniques for Assessing Impact of System Design on the User01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp16Design Approaches and Tools to Enhance Human Factors Engineering Design of Marine Systems01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp17High Reliability Tanker Loading and Discharge Operations at Chevron Wharf, Richmond, CA01/20/1997
SSC-1996symp18Application of Hull Monitoring and ISIT Technology to Ship Safety and Operations01/20/1997
SSC-393Evaluation of Ductile Fracture Models for Ship Structural Details01/08/1997
SSC-394Residual Strength Assessment of Pitted Plate Panels01/08/1997
SSC-395-IShip's Maintenance Project, Part II and III - Vol. 1 Rational Basis for Corrosion Limits on Tankers02/27/1997
SSC-395-IISMP Vol. 2 - Study of Fatigue of Proposed Critical Structural Details in Double Hull Tankers02/27/1997
SSC-395-IIISMP Vol. 3 Repair Management System for Critical Structural Details in Ships02/27/1997
SSC-395-IVSMP Vol. 4 Fatigue Classification of Critical Structural Details in Tankers02/27/1997
SSC-395-VSMP Vol. 5 Fitness for Purpose Evaluation of Critical Structural Details in Tankers02/27/1997
SSC-396Optimized Design Parameters for Welded TMCP Steels02/27/1997
SSC-397Commercial Ship Design and Fabrication for Corrosion Control02/27/1997
SSC-398Assessment of Reliability of Existing Ship Structures04/30/1997
SSC-399Strength and Stability Testing of Stiffened Plate Components04/23/1997
SSC-400Weld Detail Fatigue Life Improvement Techniques08/26/1997
SSC-401State of the Art in Hull Monitoring Systems10/30/1997
SSC-402Guide to Damage Tolerance Analysis of Marine Structures10/30/1997
SSC-403Design Guide for Marine Applications of Composites12/01/1997
SSC-404Ship Structural Integrity Information System (SSIS) Phase III Ship Quality Information System09/30/1998
SSC-405Fatigue Resistant Detail Design Guide for Ship Structures03/31/1999
SSC-406Sea Operational Profiles for Structural Reliability Assessments05/30/1999
SSC-407Optimal Strategies for the Inspection of Ships07/05/1999
SSC-408Detection Probability Assessment for Visual Inspection of Ships07/05/1999
SSC-409Guide to Damage Tolerance Analysis of Marine Structures09/30/2000
SSC-410Fatigue of Aluminum Structural Weldments05/31/2000
SSC-411Evaluation of the Effect of Construction Tolerances on Vessel Strength07/31/2000
SSC-412Interactive Nature of Cathodic Polarization and Fatigue09/30/2000
SSC-413Effect of Welded Stiffeners on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate08/31/2000
SSC-414Probability Based Design (Phase 4): Synthesis of Reliability Thrust Area09/30/2000
SSC-415Crack Arrest Toughness of Steel Weldments09/30/2000
SSC-2000symp01Probabilistic Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Surface Ship Under Extreme Dynamic Loads Structures01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp02Reliability-Based Methodology for Life Prediction of Ship Structures01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp03Development of a Safety Management Assessment System for the International Safety Management Code01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp04Reliability-Based Structural Design of Ships Using Load and Resistance Factor Design Approach01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp05Total Ownership Cost Avoidance with Proper Use of 3-D Modeling and Simulation Tools for Human Machine Interactions01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp06The Importance of the Human Element in Ship Design01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp07Managing Ship Structural Development01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp08Millennium Class Tanker Structural Design - From Owner Experience to Shipyard Launching Ways01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp09Residual Strength of Damaged Ship Hull01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp10Rapid Prediction of Damage to Struck and Striking Vessels in a Collision Event01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp11Optimal Risk Tanker (ORT): A Systematic Approach to a TAPS Tanker Design01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp12Evaluation Method of Absorbed Energy in Collision of Ship with Anti-Collision Structure01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp13Prediction of Structural Response in Grounding - Application to Structural Design01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp14Wave Impact Reduction of Planing Boats01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp15Development of a High-Speed Aluminum Ferry with Floating Frames01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp16Acquisition of Line Heating Information for Automatic Plate Forming01/20/2001
SSC-2000symp17Buffer Bow Design for the Improved Safety of Ships01/20/2001
SSC-416Risk-Based Life Cycle Management of Ship Structures11/30/2001
SSC-417Prediction of Structural Response in Grounding Application to Structural Design11/30/2001
SSC-418Compensation for Openings in Primary Ship Structure09/30/2002
SSC-419Supplemental Commercial Design Guidance for Fatigue11/30/2001
SSC-420Failure Definition for Structural Reliability Assessment09/30/2002
SSC-421Risk-Informed Inspection of Marine Vessels09/30/2002
SSC-422Modeling Structural Damage n Ship Collisions09/30/2002
SSC-423Green Water Loading on Ship Deck Structures05/23/2003
SSC-424Evaluation of Accidental Oil Spills From Bunker Tanks (Phase I)05/23/2003
SSC-425Fatigue Strength and Adequacy of Weld Repairs08/18/2003
SSC-426Post-Yield Stability of Framing08/18/2003
SSC-427Life Expectancy Assessment of Ship Structures08/18/2003
SSC-428In-Service Non-Destructive Evaluation of Fatigue and Fracture Properties for Ship Structures08/15/2003
SSC-429Rapid Stress Intensity Factor Solution Estimation for Ship Structure Applications12/03/2003
SSC-430Fracture Toughness of A Ship Structure12/03/2003
SSC-431Retention of Weld Metal Properties and Prevention of Hydrogen Cracking12/03/2003
SSC-433Interactive Buckling Testing of Stiffened Steel Plate Panels07/13/2004
SSC-434Predicting Motion, Structural Loads and Damage in Stranded Ships Phase I07/13/2004
SSC-435Predicting Stable Fatigue Crack Propagation in Stiffened Panels07/13/2004
SSC-436The Effect of Fabrication Tolerances on Fatigue Life of Welded Joints01/31/2005
SSC-437Modeling Longitudinal Damage in Ship Collisions01/31/2005
SSC-438Structural Optimization for Conversion of Aluminum Car Ferry to Support Military Vehicle Payload03/25/2005
SSC-439Comparative Structural Requirements for High Speed Craft05/01/2005
SSC-440Deterioration of Structural Integrity Due to Chemical Treatment of Ballast Water05/31/2005
SSC-443Design Guidelines for Doubler Plate Repairs of Ship Structures08/22/2005
SSC-444In-Service Non-Destructive Estimation of the Remaining Fatigue Life of Welded Joints11/09/2005
SSC-445Structural Survivability of Modern Liners11/09/2005
SSC-446Comparative Study of Naval and Commercial Ship Structure Design Standards03/23/2007
SSC-447Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of Fusion and Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Components03/23/2007
SSC-448Fracture Mechanics Characterization of Aluminum Alloys for Marine Structural Applications03/23/2007
SSC-2007symp01Mechanical Collapse Testing on Aluminum Stiffened Plate Structures for Marine Applications12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp02Improving Fatigue Life for Aluminum Cruciform Joints by Weld Toe Grinding12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp03Welding Distortion Analysis of Hull Blocks using Equivalent Load Method Based on Inherent12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp04The Impact of Welds on the Ultimate Strength of Aluminum Structures12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp05Ultimate Strength of Frames and Grillages Subject to Lateral Loads - An Experimental Study12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp06Research Needs in Aluminum Structures12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp07New Directions in Ship Structural Regulations12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp08A Method for the Quantitative Assessment of Performance of Alternative Designs in the Accidental Condition12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp09Extreme Waves and Ship Design12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp10Design of X-joints in Sandwich Structures for Naval Vessels12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp11Hydrodynamic Pressure and Structural Loading of High-Speed Catamaran and SES12/21/2007
SSC-2007symp12Recent Hydrodynamic Tool Development and Validation for Motions and Slam Loads on Ocean-Going High Speed Vessels12/21/2007
SSC-449Hydrodynamic Pressure and Structural Loading of High-Speed Catamaran and SES02/01/2008
SSC-450Ship Structure Committee Impact Study02/01/2008
SSC-451 Mechanical Collapse Testing on Aluminum Stiffened Panels for Marine Applications02/01/2008
SSC-452-IAluminum Marine Structure Design and Fabrication Guide02/01/2008
SSC-452-IIAluminum Marine Structure Design and Fabrication Guide-Appendix02/01/2008
SSC-453Welding Distortion Analysis of Hull Blocks Using Equivalent Load Method Based on Inherent Strain10/24/2008
SSC-454Ultimate Strength and Optimization of Aluminum Extrusions10/24/2008
SSC-455Feasibility, Conceptual Design and Optimization of a Large Composite Hybrid Hull10/24/2008
SSC-456Buckling Collapse Testing of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum09/11/2009
SSC-457Ship Frame Research Program - An Experimental Study of Ship Frames and Grillages Subjected to Patch Loads09/12/2009
SSC-458Exact Mapping of Residual Stress in Ship Hull Structures by Use of Neutron Diffraction09/12/2009
SSC-459Reliability-Based Performance Assessment of Damaged Ships07/18/2011
SSC-460Effect of Welded Properties on Aluminum Structures07/18/2011
SSC-461Structural Challenges Faced by Arctic Ships07/19/2011
SSC-462Review of Current Practices of Fracture Repair Procedures for Ship Structures03/01/2012
SSC-463Inspection Technique for Marine Composite Construction03/01/2012
SSC-464Design and Detailing for High Speed Aluminum Vessels Design03/01/2012
SSC-465Predictive Modeling Impact of Ice on Ship and Offshore Structures03/01/2012
SSC-466Mean Stress Assessment in Fatigue Analysis and Design07/31/2013
SSC-467Incorporation of Residual Stress Effects in a Plasticity and Ductile Fracture Model for Reliability Assessments of Aluminum Ship07/31/2013
SSC-468Development of a Structural Health Monitoring Prototype for Ship Structures07/31/2013
SSC-469Strength and Fatigue Testing of Composite Patches for Ship Plating Fracture Repair03/03/2015
SSC-470Finite Element Modeling Methods: Vibration Analysis for Ships03/25/2015
SSC-471Structural Load Prediction for High-Speed Planing Craft09/21/2015
SSC-472Survivability of Hull Girder in Damaged Condition11/17/2015
SSC-473Methodology for Defining Technical Safe Speeds for Light Ice-Strengthened Government Vessels Operating In Ice01/30/2018
SSC-474Structural Assessment of Aged Ships07/12/2018
SSC-475Guidelines for Evaluation of Marine Finite Element Analyses12/19/2020
SSC-476Design and Performance Evaluation Methods for Crack Arrestor Enhanced Aluminum Structures01/13/2020
SSC-477Exploring the Suitability of Commercial off-the-Shelf Structural Health Monitoring Hardware and Software for Naval Use10/05/2022
SSC-478Experimental Quantification of the Tensile Strength and Ductility of Under-Matched Aluminum Welds10/05/2022