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An Interagency Research and Development Committee for Safer Ship Structures
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2017 Committee selections, in order of priority:
  1. 17-05
    Exploring the Suitability of COTS Structural Health Monitoring Hardware and Software for Naval Use

  2. 17-03
    Localized Weld Repair of Fatigue-Cracked and/or Corrosion-Damaged Aluminum Structures

  3. 17-08
    FLAWS: Fatigue-Longevity of Aluminum Welded Structures

  4. 17-01
    Investigation of Fatigue and Fracture Characteristics for High Manganese Steel Considering Temperature Effects

  5. 17-11
    Fatigue Analysis of Aluminum Stiffened Panels of Marine Structures Using FEA and Experimental Investigations

2018 Project Selection:
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