Thursday, 06/20/2019  
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Announcement from July 12, 2018:

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Dear Valued SSC Members, Partners, and Liaisons:

The Ship Structure Committee is pleased to announce the publication of a new report, SSC-474, titled Structural Assessment of Aged Ships, by Mr. Gregory Walker, Mr. Brendan Connell, and Mr. Sean Kery of CSRA.  The abstract for this exciting new report is below.  This report is available for free at the SSC website, through the National Technical Information Service, or download it by clicking HERE.  All SSC reports are available free of charge at the SSC website (below).

ABSTRACT: This report describes the development of an assessment process to accurately predict the survivability of a corrosion-degraded ship in specific wave conditions. The method developed utilizes a ship specific 3-D hydrodynamic model to simulate the ship’s rigid body dynamic response to wave conditions, measuring the resulting ship motions and pressure distribution on the hull. Pressure and acceleration data from the hydrodynamic model is then input into a 3-D finite element model of the degraded ship structure where the resulting stresses in stiffeners and plating are assessed against various failure modes, including buckling modes, which are calculated according to IACS Common Structural Rules. The results form the basis of a degraded ship strength assessment which can be provided to a ship owner and operator to make operational and repair decisions.

The SSC greatly appreciates the contributions of the individuals that volunteered their time to participate on the Project Technical Committee, listed below, and thanks them heartily!  They were the subject matter expert representatives of the Ship Structure Committee to the contractor, performing technical oversight during contracting, advising the contractor in cognizant matters pertaining the contract of the which the agencies were aware, and performing technical peer review of the work in progress and upon completion.


Mr. Jason Cordell, US Coast Guard (Chair)

Dr. James Huang, Department of National Defence Headquarters, Canada

Dr. Miguel Nunez, European Maritime Safety Agency (Lisbon)

Mr. Jose Rosas, ClassNK Panama Office

Dr. Pradeep Sensharma, US Naval Sea Systems Command

Mr. Alan Spackman, International Association of Drilling Contractors

Thank you for your continued interest in the Ship Structure Committee!


Jonathan Duffett, LT, USCG
Executive Director
Ship Structure Committee
(202) 372-1022




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